No. 017 // Alicia Winnett Bedroom Makeover Design Rationale26 Oct 2017


Vancouver homes are far too small for your space to not be working at its full potential for you. Each square foot is precious, each room a valuable sanctum to perform duties of work, play, creation and connection. What I love most about interior design is how it acts as a language, which alters how you connect and interact with your space. Before we started this master bedroom renovation, the client’s bedroom was a place that conjured stress and anxiety, neither of the clients enjoyed being in their bedroom, despite the large windows it was oppressively dark and it didn’t allow either client to start their day feeling organized and inspired to tackle their goals and #liveyourbestlife .

Alicia and her husband have lived in their condo for a number of years and have endured not one but two floods! Each flood was followed by the destruction of their home, and belongings, then renovations and rebuilding. The couple came to us in May for interior design services for a master bedroom upgrade – they needed space planning, new furniture, and some major storage solutions. Alicia works in fashion, you may be familiar with her blog Alicia Fashionista – if you’re not familiar have a visit to her page, she candidly discusses fashion and lifestyle topics and is refreshingly positive, disarming and intelligent. Because of the nature of her industry, she has an incredible wardrobe and an incredible amount of clothing, shoes, bags and accessory pieces.

The first thing we needed to address was their need for storage. The couples existing space was over-furnished with really large furniture pieces and too many pieces of furniture. We designed a custom closet for them so that they are getting the maximum amount of storage space possible within their existing closet and they were able to consolidate a full dresser of clothing into the closet that was previously already full. Praise the heavens above for custom closet solutions! Because of the nature of Alicia’s work, we chose to add an open concept wardrobe which she can use as a capsule for weekly outfits and seasonal items that she gets a lot of wear from and can have easily at hand. Having this wardrobe capsule has allowed Alicia to plan her work week ahead of time and results in more time each morning for coffee with her hubby and catching up with her favorite blogs from bed. It also serves as a vignette for photographing her favorite products and staging photoshoots for her website. Providing a space which serves double duty for storage and creative work is the name of the game in Vancouver space planning!

Once we addressed the storage and space planning elements of the room we discussed the palette. The rest of their home is light, bright and airy – it has an Abbott Kinney vibe which we chose to continue into the bedroom. We added layered sheer drapery on the windows which bring in a ton of light and also provide privacy, opted for an oatmeal colored fabric bed and white linens. I found a killer vintage chair in a blonde wood and white leather seat with amazing articulated lines (a personal favorite find from this project). We continued the light wood in the plant stand and storage trunks above the open closet (bag & purse filing). Adam is a book worm and we’re big fans of that, so we added bedside wall sconces and light switches so that the couple can each control their lighting from bed. We chose a bed and nightstands which both have a low profile to create a sense of volume in the space and allow the light to pour in without being absorbed by any obstructive furniture.

Once the color palette was set with warm tones of tan and white we came in with contrasting black accessories to ground the space – the high gloss black trays on either night stand and black leather & canvas throw pillows, black candles and book collection offer a tailored aesthetic and marry the feminine and masculine identities for a balanced look. We hung Alicias hat collection on the wall above the side chair to continue the open concept wardrobe as well as add sculptural interest to the wall. Another gem of my job is finding ways to really personalize the clients space with their existing items and personality – every single one of us has an interesting aspect that can be drawn into the design, for this project it was Alicia’s collection of fashion pieces which we used as artwork in various ways.

Adam and Alicia are both entrepreneurs, each running their own company. Having a bedroom for them to retreat to and curl into one another to share stories from their day is the best self care they can give themselves. It is the room in which we start and end each day, the first influence we impute and internalize each morning and bookend our evenings with. It is truly valuable to have a bedroom, which is the source of incitement and stimulation because no matter what your bedroom looks like it will influence and affect your day. I am so happy that I had the pleasure of creating this space for them (and Reggie, their obnoxiously cute rescue who I’d like to have in all future photoshoots!).

words by Jamie Gerus
photography by Alicia Winnett and Meghan Buster


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