No. 016 // Vancouver Interior Design Neighborhood Guide Vol. 323 Mar 2017


Vancouver Neighborhood Guide for the Discerning Interior Design Enthusiast
Issue 3 of 3

By Jamie Gerus

We’ve had such a great time exploring old favorites and discovering new gems for our three part Issue of our Vancouver neighborhood Guide for The Discerning Interior Design enthusiast! This issue is one that hits close to home (literally) – South Granville! A neighborhood that is vibrant in energy, has an incredible freelance community which fills coffee shops and foot traffic throughout the day – there is a constant vibe in this neighborhood which is very fun to be apart of. Ladies and gents, our final neighborhood guide issue…

This is my ‘hood, where I call home and where I venture out for Saturday morning coffee (Bump n Grind) and last minute details for dinner parties (Meinheart). There is definitely a lot of big box options (Restoration Hardware, West Elm, Pottery Barn) and they are great at what they do – but let’s explore some smaller shops that will provide pieces of interest and conversation for your space.

Vancouver Interior Designer

Kozai Modern
A beautiful space, minimally designed with modern pieces allowing the well curated furniture to take centre stage. A noticeable Japanese and Danish influence in the cross section of lines represented Kozai Modern is a great resource for both furnishings and small details. The modern aesthetic we’ve noticed is especially favorable in Vancouver and Kozai Modern is a great place to look if you are in the market for a special piece to elevate your modern interior. We are really impressed by Kai Kristiansen’s line and Inoda+Sveje both available through Kozai.
1515 W 6 Ave Vancouver BC

Vancouver Interior Designer

Kimoto Gallery
Artwork can work as either a starting point or a final touch – you can use art as inspiration to design your space around or as a complimentary piece to tie your concept all together on a more dynamic level. Kimoto Gallery exhibits modern and contemporary work in a variety of mediums. A few artists we are particularly interested in are Scott Sueme, Will Rafuse and Tanya Slingsby (currently exhibiting until April 1).
1525 W 6 Ave Vancouver BC

Vancouver Interior Designer

Örling & WU
Fredrik Örling and Julie Wu met in England and bring their respective European and Asian background’s together in their easily likable shop on W 6th Ave. This is their new location after the flagship in Gastown has become a staple of the downtown community. The store has drawn inspiration from Wu’s grandparents’ manufacturing business in Taiwan as well as her upbringing in England. “Every well-made object begins with an honest pair of hands and a determined yet sensible mind,” she says. This authenticity is evident in the brands they carry and designs chosen by the partners. A human touch is apparent in their products which is warm, inviting and beautiful.
1563 West 6th Ave Vancouver, BC

The Carriage House
Layering your home in both new and vintage pieces lends a warmth to your home which is much more well rounded than a space with solely shiny, new pieces. We don’t feel that a room is complete until there is a piece with some age, some wear and some life injected into the mix. The Carriage House sources high end furniture and lighting (also a great resource for film sets!). The trick here, is that you need to be patient and check often for new inventory. If you are looking to replace a chair or table going vintage is a great option – you don’t have a need to specify that piece immediately and can wait until the perfect piece finds you.
1533 W 7 Ave Vancouver BC

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