No. 015 // Vancouver Interior Design Neighborhood Guide Vol. 216 Mar 2017


Vancouver Neighborhood Guide for the Discerning Interior Design Enthusiast
Issue 2 of 3

By Jamie Gerus

Our second installment of a three part issue, in which we visit some of our favorite interior design shops throughout interior design driven neighborhoods in Vancouver. This issue explores Gastown and you know there’s something to be said about a neighborhood that even though my vehicle was broken into here and Amanda’s laptop was stolen we just can’t give up on the Interior Design shops of Gastown. There’s a very special, energetic vibe in this neighborhood which is a juxtaposition of high end and lowbrow.


We believe that interior design is for everyone. People behave differently when they are in a space which has been thoughtfully designed with the human experience in mind versus a space which has not thought about how it’s interior design affects it’s inhabitants. No matter the budget of project we are working on we start each project from the experience of the client in their space. Luxury is not about spending exuberant amounts of money on your things, but making the ordinary, everyday moments special. Attention and care to these ordinary moments is what can make them luxurious experiences.

Vancouver Interior Design

Inform Interiors
On the top of our list of inspiring environments to visit is Inform Interiors – a space percolating with interior design inspiration for your own project. The furniture lines Inform carries speak to a very bespoke client – someone who is knowledgeable about interior design and driven by form and experimentation. Inform also designs and implements contemporary kitchen and bathroom designs. We often attend speaker series in their showroom which blend the community of Interior Designers, Architects and Makers in Vancouver all together over a few canapés and glasses of wine. (Don’t miss their hidden library in the back for an incredible selection of books to style your coffee table or add to your design book collection).

Vancouver Interior Design

Walking into the Bulthaup showroom feels like you’re walking into a friend’s beautiful home. The showroom is comfortable, unpretentious and warm. Their German product is no fuss, highly functional and sleek. Bulthaup specializes in  contemporary kitchen design and also has a range of dining tables we are very excited to use in our upcoming projects.

Vancouver Interior Design

A well curated selection of lifestyle and personal items for your home, Litchfield is a must when strolling around Gastown. There is a distinct Japanese influence in the curation of products, (the owner was raised in Japan), as well as a considerable collection of magazines we love to use for styling a lounge area or commercial space. (Our recommendations are ‘Monocle’s Guide to Better Living’ and ‘The Gourmand No 8’).

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