No. 014 // Vancouver Interior Design Neighborhood Guide Vol.107 Mar 2017


Vancouver Neighborhood Guide for the Discerning Interior Design Enthusiast

By Jamie Gerus

Coming to Vancouver from another city a few things are apparent right off the bat:

  1. Vancouver loves Interior Design
  2. Vancouver is a very fashion driven city
  3. It snows way more than anyone led me to believe

As I work my way through my long list of restaurants, cafe’s and shops to check out it didn’t take longer than an hour or two to really see that Vancouver culture is driven by design. Interior Design being a major driving force of the spaces I have visited, it is really a unique quality of Vancouver’s to have such a large cross-section of the population driven by interior design and curated experiences.

The long grasp of online social platforms and the endless sharing of content ubiquitous with Silicon Valley has not neglected Vancouver. Coming to Vancouver from San Francisco, I understand the millennial mindset which is driven by well designed environments and I am familiar with the sight of bloggers lined up down the block to take a photo of themselves in front of a brightly painted wall (I may even be guilty of this myself). What’s unique about the Vancouver experience is that restauranteurs, shop owners, start-up’s, renters and home owners are just as driven by interior design as the bloggers that I see from my office window, posing care-free in front of the bubblegum pink wall on Venables Street.

Once we step out of the world of Instagram and into the real world of Vancouver we get to touch, feel and inspect real objects, real concepts, real environments. We get to approach interior design from the human experience. We love this escape from our screens to enjoy the luxury of interior design and all of its components that come together to create a space.

Amanda Hamilton Design couldn’t be happier to be expanding our brand and interior design projects into Vancouver – a city which shares our love and desire for interior design. Since Vancouver has given us much in the way of inspiring environments we would like to reciprocate by sharing, with you, our Neighborhood Guide for the Discerning Interior Design Enthusiast. We will publish a weekly issue covering different  design driven neighborhood’s where we frequent for our client projects;

I. The Armoury District
II. Gastown
III. South Granville


If you are doing a home renovation or giving your kitchen/bathroom a facelift this is the first neighborhood you should visit. Swimming in options for tile, flooring, light fixtures, plumbing and all the big ticket items required before you add the finishing touches, The Armory District is a vibrant and walkable Interior Design District comparable to the likes of LA and SF’s design centers.
Below are a few of our favorite stops;

Living Space: Vancouver Interior Design Neighborhood Guide

Living Space
A front runner in means of contemporary furniture representation, Living Space is a holistic experience of Interior Design and architecture. The showroom was designed by BattersbyHowat Architecture and is an impressive building to approach from the street. The interior design itself is a play on retail environments and feels a bit like you’re inside of a white box which is ready to be shipped to a very discerning client. If you are looking for iconic furniture pieces you will not be disappointed. Some of our favorite lines which you can find at Living Space are; Santa & Cole, Flos, Minotti, Moooi, Magis, Ligne Roset
1706 W 1 Ave Vancouver BC

Room 8: Vancouver Interior Design Neighborhood Guide

Room 8
If your interior design concept has a European aesthetic you are going to fall in love with Room 8. They have a full line of furniture and also do slick, contemporary kitchens. We love their approach to modern interiors while maintaining classic elements. Their furniture line is something special – if you are in need of a few pieces to make your home feel one-of-a-kind Room 8 will deliver on your needs.
1706 W 1 Ave Vancouver BC

Ann Sacks: Vancouver Interior Design Neighborhood Guide

Ann Sacks
A longtime favorite of ours for tiles that are interesting, textural, and expressive. We are especially interested in the Anne Saks x Kelly Wearstler collaboration – our favorite pattern’s right now are ‘Liaison Doheny’ and ‘Maven Ojai’ (pictured below)
101 – 1616 W 2 Ave Vancouver BC

Provide Home: Vancouver Interior Design Neighborhood Guide

Provide Home
We love to pop in and visit our friends at Provide who are always bringing in the best for home styling and accessories. We are always able to find timeless pieces, rich with beauty and interest for our accessory installs. Provide Home carries a number of lines from both local artists and makers to internationally recognized product designers.
1805 Fir St Vancouver BC

East India Carpets: Vancouver Interior Design Neighborhood Guide

East India Carpets
In a gallery type setting, the East India Carpets showroom could easily be mistaken for a forward thinking art gallery. Carpets hung on the walls to showcase their art-like qualities as well as on racks and flippable piles on the floor. EIC supplies both classic and contemporary styles and can be accessed directly from the street or via their  adjoining neighbor, Provide.  The owner of EIC is responsible for building The Armoury District into the interior design destination that it has become – we have much to be thankful for in him!
1606 W 2 Ave Vancouver BC

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