No.012 // AHID Evolved19 Nov 2016

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Inspiration vs. Imitation: AHID Evolved

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.Gail Sheehy

Humans have a major fear of change and yet, it is as they say, the only constant. Cliché, maybe, but true nonetheless. In our eighth year, we decided to embrace the need for growth and rebrand AHID Studios. Scary stuff, we know. Making a change like this always comes at a bit of a risk, and involves asking a lot of really difficult questions. Who are we today? Where do we want to be? How can we stay true to our identity and continuously evolve?

This is who we are:

  • Believers in the power of thoughtful, soulful design
  • Laser-focused on creating intelligent, elevated spaces
  • Visionaries who seek to educate, inspire and evoke
  • Bold, honest, rebellious explorers who are both wild and weird at heart

What we came to discover during this process is that it’s not a competition between old and new, it’s a balance.This sense of duality, the perfect marriage of timeless elements with of-the-moment inspiration, is what we strive to create in everything we do. Welcome to the new AHID.


Warm spice notes of cinnamon and nutmeg with a touch of black tea, lavender and tobacco leaf. Virility, our first scent, is now available for preorder.


Will Creative Inc are the masterminds/magic unicorns behind our evolved identity. To say we’re overjoyed to have worked with them on this journey would be an understatement.


Where did we draw our inspiration from? Short answer:everywhere (fine tailoring, quality, attention to detail, fashion, typography, the runway, and this amazing shot from Chloé 2009, to name a few).


The duality tote: a beautiful balance of timeless and of-the-moment, and the perfect replacement when you’re finally ready to retire that tattered recycled grocery bag.


WWCDD? Be bold, be honest, and embrace the weird – always.


Combine our insatiable thirst for knowledge, love for reading, and burgeoning library and this is what you get: our first monograph, lovingly created by the team at Will Creative. While the guts are still under wraps, we hope you’ll leave space on your coffee table for this beauty once we fill the pages with all of the good stuff – like maybe just detail shots of chocolate and red wi

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