No.011 // BTW Ceramics14 Nov 2016



Brooklyn born, L.A. made: BTW Ceramics brings playful individuality to AH Atelier

Brooke T. Winfrey’s love for exploration and adventure is alive in each and every piece she touches. Her eponymous line, BTW Ceramics, is all about the process and art of creation; each paint stroke and uneven line feels spontaneous, yet purposeful. From design to formation, Brooke takes an individual approach to each piece, embracing the irregularities and ensuring no two are identical.

The result? Housewares that are distinct, one-of-a-kind works of art, sculpted, splattered, and dotted to perfection.

Channel BTWs east-meets-west coast vibes at the AH Atelier and follow @btwceramics on Instagram for more.


Brooke’s pieces are packed with soul, spirit and honesty, and we are crushing hard. These porcelain beauties are almost too pretty to eat off of. Almost. (We never say no to avocados.)


Behind the wheel: Brooke was born in and raised in Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plains), before moving to Brooklyn, and finally settling down in Los Angeles.


The Wacky Bowl has so much personality you might have to take it
along with you to your bi-weekly therapy visits. While it doesn’t have any daddy issues, you can be sure that no two are alike with colour and glass patterns varying dramatically. You know who else will love this? Your hipster dog that longs for fancy dinners and perfectly chilled H20.


Each BTW piece is handformed by Brooke herself. If you’re in awe of her mad pottery skills like we are, follow her @btwceramics for more!


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