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Au Revoir August – The Month in Review

September? Already?

The time of sweaters, scarves, and Pumpkin Spice lattes may be upon us, but today we’re taking a moment to reflect on an amazing August at AHID. From New York to Vegas, to Vancouver to Wine Country, to Panorama and back home again to YYC, we capped off our summer the best way we know how: with a little creative magic and plenty of inspiration. The transition of seasons has us dreaming about up and coming collaborations, and looking forward to the launch of many exciting projects in the next month.

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Quick trip to Vegas to feed our inner bohemian. We also had the pleasure of meeting with many of the brands we have specified in past projects, solidifying these relationships and putting a face to a email address!

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Site visit to Panorama didn’t disappoint. While it was a long drive, it was beautiful and we rocked out to a few new albums, podcasts and some quiet time.

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Meetings & some creative magic taking place in YVR. Bonus? There is always a dinner planned at somewhere incredible like Ask for Luigi or Kissa Tanto on the books. Vancouver office? Sure, why not?

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Realizing now how jam-packed our summer is, it’s a surprise any of us managed a bit of a sun-kissed appearance. We are the home stretch of finishing the styling at the Hillhurst Residence and plan to photograph it mid-September. No, you can’t steal Madilynn, she’s a styling genius & AH lifer.

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Last but not least, an August recap isn’t complete without mention the launch of our Forever Summer collection on the online shop. Many of the goods featured new product from Indego Africa and we love them because they are all about empowering and uplifting artisan women in Africa.

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