No.009 // Indego Africa23 Aug 2016


Spotlight 001 // Indego Africa

Raised by a pack of passionate educators, Amanda is incredibly passionate about life-long learning and expresses this through various organizations that focus on providing career guidance, mentorship and support for entrepreneurs. We love Indego Africa because they are all about empowering and uplifting artisan women in Africa. Bonus? They also invest all of their profits from their product sales, with grants and donations, into educational programs for the artisans who handcraft their goods.

“Education empowers women to life themselves and their families out of poverty and become agents of change in their communities.”
– Indego Africa

Indego Africa provides their artisan partners with two primary education programs, on site at their partner cooperatives and an advanced business education taught at their Leadership Academy in Kigali. All profits through Indego Africa help fund workshops in Sexual Heath + Wellness, Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence.

We are currently carrying some of Indego Africa’s goods via our “Forever Summer” Collection that’s available online HERE.


Cocoki, a sewing cooperative based in Rwanda, is the first tribe that Indego Africa partnered with back in 2007. Just as AHID started from a tiny bedroom, the Cocoki started out of one woman’s home and is now 29 women strong. The Cocoki women are innovative, entrepreneurial and experts at their craft. Their vibrant textile line includes one of our favourites, the Pineapple Punch Tote.

Indego Africa

We love this locally sourced oversized handwoven palm leaf tote; perfect for that next beach day or rosé run! Love it? Check it out here.

Indego AFrica

The Marrakech Basket – teasing us with its tagine styling – is a perfect place for hiding our favorite sugary snacks at home and in the studio.

Indego Africa

Picked to perfection. The Pineapple Sweatshirt features a hand embroidered pineapple and is a favourite for a tropic fix. BOYR (Bring your own rum.)


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