No.007 // M A R C H10 Jun 2015

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San Francisco, CA

We love weekend trips to the west coast. And we really love design driven cities like San Francisco. With our Art Director, Jamie Gerus, currently taking up AHID real estate there, there’s plenty of opportunity for inspirational trips to the city.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more pleasurable afternoon hobby than taking a passeggiata down Sacramento Street and strolling through our favorite purveyor M A R CH. I often visit this shop even when I have no intention on buying, just to experience their style of living.

On foggier days, the shop front is warmed by a 4 oven aga cooker, while on the longer afternoons of summer the glass doors at the back open onto a regal courtyard and shop house. I’ve already imagined hosting a lifetime of celebrations in the courtyard and have, if only in my mind, of kitchen and pantry accouterments, clinked to 100 champagne toasts.

Cheers dears



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