No.005 // Purity Ring: Another Eternity08 Mar 2015


In 2012, Purity Ring debuted their first album, Shrines and it was an instant success. Their dreamy, electronic sound was exactly what everyone needed and wanted to listen to right at that exact moment. Okay, well maybe not everyone but at least anyone with good taste in music. A fan of the duo, prior to their days as Purity Ring, I have fond memories of sweaty dance parties at The Legion when Sled Island brought in Gobble Gobble, the previous band that Corin Roddick and Megan James played with. Pursuing their new sound as Purity Ring, they nailed their album and I feel deeply, deeply in love.

For the record, I wasn’t the only one. The single, “Ungirthed,” received instant acclaim and left their fans begging for more. An obvious niche was found as they gained momentum and acceptance crossing over been indie music and electronica.

A year and a half later since Shrines, we had to confirm with Roddick’s cousin that the duo hadn’t split given the lag between albums. Lag you say? I know, it’s only been a short time but we want it and we want it now. Luckily, their second album, Another Eternity can finally join your collection as it was released March 3rd, 2015.

Following the template they created with the original album, there is definitely a familiar intonation. Jame’s vocals still both edgy and relatable, however the sound is more innocent this time around. A bit softer, Roddick’s independence and unique sound creation on the synth seem outweighted by Jame’s vocals. Granted, they are likely waiting response to the new material before warping sound in performances, however the imbalance seems perfectly balanced.

Give it a listen – we would love to hear your feedback because I still cannot listen to their original album without butterflies in my tummy, a grin and my fingers dancing on the volume knob.

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